Being a writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet. —Anonymous (via maxkirin)


The Ladies Are On Lead

A playlist of songs with ladies on lead

Screaming Females - Wild // Zeppelin Song - Courtney Love // Against Me! - True Trans Soul Rebel // Dash & Will - Fighting Over Nothing // Distillers - Ask The Angels // Hole - Old Age // Jack Off Jill - Author Unknown // Atomic Blonde - Babydoll // Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl // Metric - Black Sheep

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welcome to dyad aka the best audio post on all of tumblr


Rosemary Clooney was a goddess. One of my all-time favorite numbers.


INTO THE WOODS theatrical trailer (via Walt Disney Studios Australia)

Not following already? Just imagine what you’ve been missing!


I’m sorry but this shot was so obviously filmed for lesbians and bi girls. I don’t know any straight man that likes girls more cut and fit than them, and lets face it Missy had almost no body fat from the exercise and training they went through for this movie. She was a solid wall of muscle here. They never defined her sexuality officially but Haley was so gay, and this right here was for us to ogle her. 


22.5/ times i fell in love with Soonkyu

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Released on September 21, 1978.

Ease On Down the Road - Michael Jackson (The Wiz:Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,1978)